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The more people, the more ideas. more idea creates the more creativity. And it is our job to bring alive your creations.

In crafting your many thoughts, we cannot handle the words to present ourselves. This journey of customizing a select few of FTWEAR’s products to complement your customized help, has now become a medium to weave your ideas into reality.

The category of our customers is not the same, nor would their demand ever be the same, and why should it be? Even their needs are not the same. If it’s the same every time, it’s their faith in us and our devotion to them.

About Our Services

An Order Manager is appointed for you on the enquiry received from you. Who understands your need from you and guides you in manufacturing your product. Quotation is sent to you once the sample design of the product is ready. The product is shipped to you after completing the manufacturing work in the stipulated time with necessary changes.

You can also track every step at the time of production.

We provide both self pickup and shipping delivery service. You can choose any option while placing the order.

Our excellent customer care services are always ready to assist you. For general services information and other assistance, our services operate over a specified time, but special 24-hour services are provided to you for product information and other assistance for your ongoing production project.

About FTWEAR’s ORG Uniform Manufacturing

To say that clothes are just a means of covering the body, but when your feelings get attached to it, then a uniform is made. A uniform that boosts your confidence, which symbolizes the unity of your organization, which is the identity of your group. And we have mastered in presenting the true glimpse of your emotion in this uniform.

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